5 Floral Wedding Trends For 2018

Here are some cool trends that will be in full bloom for the 2018 weddings!

  1. Greenery everywhere: Not only in the bridal but down the middle of the table, on the arch, and hanging from the ceiling.  This shot was done for the JW Marriott booth at the Bridal Spectacular ShowBS greenery
  2. Hanging swings: These swings are the new hotness instead of doing a floral wall and will be decorated with floral for a picture spot for not only the happy couple but for the guests as well.  This swing is located at Casa De Shenandoah.swing
  3. Floral wreaths: From large to small theses can be used to set the backdrop for the ceremony or even as a modern but still organic bridal bouquet.  This wedding took place at Spring Preserve and the photo is thanks to The Emerics Wedding Photography. springs_preserve_las_vegas_wedding_photos-48
  4. Large Balloons:  These can be used to bring som height to the table decor or even again as the backdrop for the ceremony. IMG_5270
  5. Copper:  Obviously not for flower color but for containers and accents throughout the event. IMG_0893

No matter what theme you decide on for your wedding you can still include a few of these fantastic trends. I know we are excited about them!


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