Flowers for The Last Jedi and more.

Hello all you movie buffs out there!  I am sure we are as excited as you are for the premier of The Last Jedi.  All of us at Enchanted Florist made plans and have gotten our tickets.  In this process I had a conversation with a friend about what drinks and food should we have before we go see the show.  He always likes to do themed stuff for any movies he goes to see.  For instance, when he saw Captain America he had a Manhattan and an all american burger.  I got to thinking what a cool idea that is for a date night and of course since I am in the flower business, I challenged the designers here at Enchanted Florist to put up some flower pairings for movies.

  1.  The Last Jedi: Of course as I write this I have not seen the movie.  I just know what was in the last film and the trailers.  I would start with container.  I know this seems a bit weird but I love these old tool boxes they have that feeling of the Millennium Falcon.  Metal and old but still highly functional. Then succulents, moss, pods and pincushion protea.  These all have the look of something from another planet.  Succulent in tool box

2.  Wonder Woman:  This had to be my favorite movie of the year so far.  For this we would go with a design that has powerful lines and a bright and colorful feel.  I know the movie was set in WWI and there is definitely not a bright and cheerful feeling, but this arrangement is to remind everyone of the beautiful Island that Diana if from. This was brought forth with the tropical blooms and the swooping grasses.

1205 sm-min

3.  Get Out:  Definitely one of the creepiest movies I have seen in a long time.  For this, we picked out a beautiful garden mix with fluffy and fun flowers.   But of course there is always something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

Skull sm-min

4.  Harry Potter:  This one we went a little crazy with!  We had to include the owl of course.  Then gold and red for the Gryffindor  house. Next we need some branches for wands and stuff.  Finally the design need to look like it is floating.  I think we nailed it!

HarryPotterBridal sm-min

5.  Beauty and The Beast:  Well Mrs. Potts was our vote for favorite character, so it seems pretty obvious what we did here.

Pink Teapot 2 small-min

This was one of our favorite exercises, so call us up at Enchanted Florist and let us make – custom arrangement for your next movie date!



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