How to Get Married Like a Princess

We all want to be a princess especial on our wedding day and who doesn’t love blush and anything for bridal colors.  The Fairy tale theme can be accomplished with just a few elements.

First let’s start with this amazing bridal bouquet.  The cascade style is making a comeback and doing it in style.  The more compact teardrop shape with just a few accents of greenery give it a more modern feel.  This style is common for the royal family The type of flowers used in this bouquet are blush garden roses, cream roses, pale pink dahlia, white hydrangea, and light pink astilbe.

Next Let’s talk about the Ceremony.  Sure the wedding party is important but the arch can really set the mood for the whole event.  Doing flowers all the way across the top of the arch would of course be fantastic, but that can be pricy.  The other option is to start by using an arch that is more ornate than average (most local rental companies do have something like this. If you are in Las Vegas check out RSVP Party Rentals) Always add white or ivory fabric.  It should be a little heavier than a tool, you want to give the impression of an expensive fabric.  OK Back to the flowers,  You still need some!  A central flower design for this arch is the best plan.  This pieces can also be used at the head table for added decor.

Finally The biggest tip we can give is find the right location.  These pictures were taken at Southern Highlands Golf Club here in Las vegas.  With the right location you will not need to add to many decor items to give the “princess marrying Prince Charming in a castle” effect. Look for places with arched doorways, tall ceilings with ornate light fixtures, and of course a garden area for the ceremony.

All the photos in this blog are from wonderful KMH Photography 


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