5 Ways To Have Your Wedding Go With Your 1920’s Style Shoes


So we all obsess over the new shoe trends.  At least I know I do.  Right now the romantic style of the 1920’s is all the rage.  This time frame has also engrossed the wedding decor as of late.  And we love it.  So what are the 1920’s all about? Well World War I was over, Prohibition brought speak easies, Chanel No. 5 was invented, we found king Tut, Great Gatsby was published, Amelia Earhart flies across the Atlantic Ocean, and of course so much more.

What aspects do you need to complete your 1920’s wedding look? Below are simple decor tips but a great location always helps.  Look around your area for older restaurants, bed and breakfasts or even some public buildings allow for event rental.

  1.  Pearls!  Lots and lots of pearls!  Whenever you hear pearls you think 2 things. First the centerpiece must be tall so the pearls can hang.  Second that the pearls have to hang.  Take a look at these two examples that are low and somewhat cost effective.
  2.  Vintage style vases (mercury glass, milk glass and etched glass).  Most florist will not have huge amounts of these but they may have some they can rent as accents to other more available containers to give the same effect. These pictures were both taken at Pullman Grille inside Main Street Station Las Vegas
  3.  Candelabras and candles for height and that speakeasy glow.  Candles are always easy way to get that romantic and secret place glow you can imagine in the prohibition age party spots.
  4. Feather for the fun of it!  Flappers were all the rage for dancing during this time and they loved feathers!
  5. Incorporate your colors or go with a simple black and white palette and let your guests dress in all the colors of the rainbow.   (with of course some over the top gold accents) Here are some pictures from Orange Soda Photography to get your creative juices flowing.

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