3 Tips To Getting Out of The Doghouse With Flowers


3 ways to say I am sorry | say I'm Sorry with Flowers
Flowers alway make people smile

We have all screwed up in relationships.  When that happens a lot of us look to flowers to help reopen some communication lines ( I totally got that from Dr. Phil lol).  We here at Enchanted Florist always think flowers are a good idea.  There are several studies about the positive effects of fresh flowers on people.  Here are a few articles that back this claim up:

The Mental Health Benefits of Flowers

Flower Power: Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

The Perfect Excuse to Buy Fresh Flowers

3 ways to say I am sorry | say I'm Sorry with Flowers
Sweet flowers for someone sweet.

To make this really work there are a few things you may want to consider about your love or friend you are trying to apologies to:

  • Do they like flowers or are they allergic to them? Most florist can do plants, balloons, gourmet baskets or other small gifts as delivery.
  • If they do like flowers, do they have a favorite? Or do you know their favorite color?
  • What is their schedule? (you need to know where they will be in order to get the flowers delivered to them)

With this information you can make some informed decisions about your “I was a jerk” delivery.  If you don’t know those things that is OK to.   Here are our 3 helpful tips for when you order no matter what you know:

  1.  There is no specific flower for “I am sorry I really Screwed up” but here is a link to flower meanings. When in doubt roses are always a great option and they come in a lot of colors.
  2. Designers choice will get you the seasonal and regional best floral available and so it is a good option if you do not have any ideas.  With this you can pick a price and leave it up to the experts.
  3. Do not get to detailed in the card message. Enclosure cards are not password protected and the person you are sending to do not want other people to know your business.  (For creative card writing tips check out this page)

In the end your local florist will always give a helping hand.  Enchanted Florist has set up a category just for this occasion to help you pick out the perfect I’m sorry.

The most important piece of information is the full address to where you want the flowers delivered.  With out that most florists can not even give you a price.  The zip code for the location is how we determine the amount of the delivery fee.  So make sure you have looked that up and have that information before you call or go online to place a flower delivery order 🙂

3 ways to say I am sorry | say I'm Sorry with Flowers
Sometimes roses say it best






One thought on “3 Tips To Getting Out of The Doghouse With Flowers

  1. This article is very good. And local florist can give the best combination of flowers and we even can get unique ideas from him as they are very creative.and thank u for giving the information regarding the delivery charges.

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