5 Things You Should Do Before You meet With a Wedding Florist

Most people only get married once.  So most people don’t know what to expect when planning.  Now we can only speak for ourselves but the following will help you make the most of a meeting with a wedding florist.

  1.  Pick you colors:  This is one of the first things we ask.  It helps us start building a group of flowers that will be available for your day.
  2. Pick your date:  Date will be important because some flowers do better certain times of the year and there are some flowers that are only available other times of the year.
  3. Pick your Location: Location with dictate how much floral decor you may or may not need. A beautiful garden setting as opposed to an indoor location will need a different level of decor.
  4. Figure out your budget:  You don’t have to have it down to the penny but an idea of how much you are willing to spend on flowers will help you and us make decisions about what and how many flowers to suggest. (Average wedding flowers run about $1800-$2500.  This of course will vary)    We also have a general price list at www.efilasvegas.com to get you started.  You can also use a wedding budget calculator to help with the overall numbers.  We thinks flowers are the most important but I guess food, dresses, linen, location and so much more are just as important for the big day.
  5. Start looking at flowers, bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony decor: You do not have to know anything about flowers to make some basic decisions about the “look” you are going for.  For instance I am sure you would prefer 1 of the pictures below over the others.

    You can use pinterest or just any search engine online to start looking around. Use searches like “Blush and gold wedding” (of course use your colors for the search).  You can also search just bridal bouquets or just centerpieces.  Example: Purple bridal bouquets or white wedding centerpieces.  Just make sure you save the picture you like so you can show the florist.  Starting with a few inspiration pictures is a quick and painless way to communicate your vision.  Of course it is our job know the flowers and help you customize them to fit you.



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