Summer Wedding Flowers In Las Vegas

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With summer wedding in full bloom we thought it might be cool to give some tips for those planning a summer wedding.  Because we are flower snobs the tips we are giving will be to keep your flowers looking great and you as cool as a cucumber.

Here in Las vegas the summers can be brutally hot.  That not only makes it uncomfortable for formal wear but also not a good situation for fresh flowers.  We understand there may be a multitude of fantastic reasons to get married during the hottest time of the year and we are here to make sure it is beautiful.

Tip 1:

Find a completely indoor location or don’t get married outside until around 7:30Pm or later.

white gold arch

Picture By Orange Soda Photo

We understand that most people have visions of a fantastic outdoor wedding, but even just looking at the TEMPERATURE for the next few months will make your makeup melt and our flowers wilt.

If you opt for the outdoor ceremony later in the evening we suggest doing your cocktail hour first (If you and your fiance do not want to see you before the nuptials take turns in the room. )  Also serve light h’orderves and low alcohol content cocktails.  We know sounds like a drag but it will save on heat stroke 🙂

This picture was at Meet Las Vegas. Great location for the full event indoors.

Tip 2:

Use lots of greenery!!!!


Indoor or outdoor ceremonies during the summer will always look great with greenery.  Also these will last through a hot ceremony.  (don’t forget your ceremony flowers are outside 3 -4 times longer than you are.

This was at an outdoor wedding at Historic 5th Street School here in Las Vegas

Tip 3:
Some Cool flowers you can use during the hot months that will hold up:

(also we recommend not using light colors for the summer.  Light color flowers show heat stress faster.)



Great substitute for hydrangea and comes in a lot of great colors.

Dinner Plate Dahlia,

Hot Pink Dinner Plate Dahlia

Large flowers lush flowers


Debutante Tulip

These come in so many colors it is insane!!!

Pincushion protea


Great for giving a desert feel with out the sharp spines.

Sweet Pea

Sweetpea red

They are just sweet!



Great for an english garden style look and they smell great!

We can not forget to mention the roses, carnations, and baby’s breath will also be great, economical and can be done in so many ways for so many themes.

For more information on seasonal flowers check out


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