How to Create Lush flowers for your wedding

The spring wedding season has officially begun!

We are going to be working our little fairy hearts out designing and creating a variety of floral designs for hundreds of weddings during the next few months. One thing a lot of these designs will have in common is the trend of over-sized bridal bouquets and full, lush centerpieces and ceremony decor. This trend is a stark contrast to the simple, single stem flowers in wine bottles and mason jars that filled our bridal roster the last 2 years.

This week we are featuring a little behind-the-scenes look at how we create one of these large focal pieces.

We begin with using the bridal bouquet as inspiration for our flowers and color choices.


The key to creating these lush looks is starting with a full base of greenery using foliage that displays a variety of shapes, heights and textures.

The image below shows a vase that has just that.

The next step is choosing flowers that take up a larger surface area, such as hydrangea, garden roses, spider mums and peonies. These flowers do usually cost more, but they also take up more space, so that you need less of them.


You could stop here and have a simple hydrangea design, but we like to go further by adding tall flowers like snapdragons or gladiolas for height. This is also a great place to add in the other colors in your wedding color scheme.

After the design is created we wrap it in ti leaves and transfer it to a clean vase with some gems in the bottom.

Here is the finished floral design on location at the church. We hope you found some wedding flower inspiration from this weeks post!



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