How to Create Halloween Decor Using Flowers


Our favorite time of year is here! That’s right, Halloween! We love designing flowers using inspiration from the Holidays and this week is no different. Most people might think that it there isn’t much you can do to beautiful flowers to make them fit in with the spooky scary trends of October 31st.

Well, most people are wrong.

This year our fiendish flower fairies created some cute and creepy designs inspired by Halloween using accessories like pumpkins and skulls. We incorporated the typical fall color schemes of orange and yellow, along with black accents. If you can’t find black flowers, you can create your own using black floral spray paint. It’s safe for the flowers and easy to use. It is available at Michael’s, click here to get some.

Roses seem to handle the floral paint the best. You can coat the entire flower or just spray the tips.



Adding accessories like pumpkins, skulls, cobwebs and ghosts can turn a regular design into something spooktacular! And don’t forget to get creative with the container. If it’s water tight, it’ll work!

In the following images you can see we also chose to paint a couple of flowers and greens black (Calla lilies and seeded eucalyptus are shown below).



We saved the best for last….

Green roses become mini Frankenstein’s using floral pins and black spray paint.



I hope you get some inspiration from our Halloween Designs.

As always, we will do our best to answer any questions and appreciate any comments.

Happy Halloween!



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