Make your Spring flowers last longer

Every year when the weather warms up,  we get more walk in customers interested in sprucing up their homes with some fresh flowers. Personally, I keep flowers in my home year round, but I am addicted to flowers. If you are someone that can appreciate the beauty of flowers in your home we have some tips for you to get the most bang for your buck and to make them last as long as possible.

The first and most important is to get your flowers from a florist. Florists are in the business of caring for flowers so you can be certain that each stem will have a longer life than those bought at a grocery store. Find a florist in your area that sells flowers by the stem so that you can customize your own designs.

  • Once you have your flowers at home make sure to put them in a freshly cleaned vase. Any contaminants in the vase can cause bacteria growth that will shorten the life of your bouquet.We recommend using a touch of bleach to rinse out your vases. There’s no need to worry about thoroughly rinsing all of the bleach from the vase, not only will it sterilize the vase, but it can also keep flowers from wilting and prolong the clarity of the water.
  • Speaking of agua, change the water every other day. Simply dump rinse and refill.
  • Another big trick is to trim the stems of your flowers at an angle every few days. This allows for more surface area to drink up the water. And always make sure to use sharpened shears to trim the stems, any pinching from a dull blade will close up the cut and make it more difficult to drink.
  • Keep the flowers away from direct heat and too much sunlight.


There are also ways to make your cut flowers last longer using common ingredients found around the house.

  • Add a little sugar to the water.
  • Allum- this spice, commonly sold in grocery stores softens woody stems and helps branches to absorb more water. Check out these tips from Southern Living
  • Aspirin- believe it or not, adding 1 crushed aspirin tablet to your water to dissolve before adding flowers, mimics the effects of traditional flower food.
  • Vodka- it has been reported that Vodka can inhibit the production of certain gases given off by plants. Indoing so the vodka actually slows the wilting process. All it takes is a few drops of Vodka added to the water each time you change it.
  • Copper penny- this may just be an old wives tale, but the theory is that the copper gives off nutrients and is a natural antibacterial agent.



Check out some of our new Spring designs below, or check out our creations at


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