How to mix pretty & scary for Halloween Decor


This is absolutely, hands down, our favorite time of year.

Las Vegas weather has finally started to cool off, and we get to be extra creative with dark colors and spooky accents. We love mixing creepy and pretty together for some striking Halloween floral designs.

We also can’t help but let our creative juices flow when it comes to decorating the front of our shop. Take a peak at how we do Halloween at the Enchanted Florist in Las Vegas.

Black armoire decked out in anything spooky that we could get our hands on.
Black armoire decked out in anything spooky that we could get our hands on.
Enchanted Florist Halloween 1
        Our armoire in the dark 😉
Enchanted Florist haunted Dress
Of course no Halloween décor would be complete without a DIY haunted dress made of chicken wire, topped with a floating witches hat.
Enchanted Florist halloween
We used these skulls for the décor and also in a number of designs.

Decorating the shop helps inspire us when it comes time to create Halloween themed designs.

Here are some of my favorites:

This first design became a big hit last week, it’s called “The Fortune Teller”. This creation is a bubble bowl with a submerged skull, topped with some of our favorite flowers for this time of year; deep burgundy roses, purple spider mums, orange Asiatic lilies with greens, fuchsia astilbe, and glitter wire for accents.

                 EFI Fortune Teller

Our next design, “Witchy Fun”, is an example of simple done right. It’s made up of orange gerber daisies with bells of Ireland and mums, staggered in a black pumpkin & spider web vase.

EFI Witchy Fun
                EFI Witchy Fun

“Spider Web Spunk” is definitely a statement floral design, perfect for the entry way at a Halloween party. The lilies used in this design are ideal for Halloween designs. They are white with a natural black veining which mimics a spider web. We spray painted white hydrangea black with a special floral paint and added a pop of drama with some vibrant magenta stock. We added even more height and drama with silver painted branches, and wrapped the whole design in black webbing complete with a plastic spider. It’s dark and beautiful!

EFI Spider Web Spunk
      EFI Spider Web Spunk

This next design is just so weird that’s it’s cool. We call it “Dawn of the Flamingo”. Need I say more?

Dawn of the Flamingo
                                 EFI  Dawn of the Flamingo

This next design was so popular last year, that we decided to bring it back for an encore. It’s called “All Hallows Eve”. It’s bright, colorful and fun with just the right amount of creepy. The perfect centerpiece for a Halloween dinner with friends.

EFI All Hallows Eve
                   EFI All Hallows Eve

And last, but absolutely not least, is a design called “Buried Alive”. Featuring a miniature coffin, filled with flowers and skulls.

Buried Alive
                                  EFI Buried Alive

I told you we love this holiday!

If you need a Halloween themed flower delivery in the Las Vegas area, give us a call or place an order at

Be safe!


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