A Rustic Wedding in Las Vegas

The bride to be, Katie, contacted us by email a month before her wedding in May. The venue that Katie and her fiance chose for their special day was the well known Neon Museum.  It is home to some of the most treasured and world-famous signs of Las Vegas – Caesars Palace, Binion’s Horseshoe, the Golden Nugget and the Stardust. If you have never been to the Neon Museum your missing out. There’s no other place like it, at least not in Vegas, so add it to your list of attractions if your in the area.

The couple wanted to use flowers to bring a more organic feel to the metal and lights that fill the property. They described their style as classic but funky, and were open to our suggestions. The only thing they knew for certain is that Katie wanted to incorporate some succulents and they wanted to keep it “elegant and minimal to show off the antique sign decor.”

The ceremony was set up of to the side, with a lounge seating area nearby. Our happy couple had 1 long family style table that was a hop, skip and a jump away from the food tent. The floor plan helped bring a cozy feel to the large museum grounds.


We used circus roses, white daisies, succulents and greens through out the wedding decor. We had simple but pretty chair florals to bring some pops of color to the ceremony aisle. The centerpieces were the same florals in galvanized tin buckets of alternating sizes. The burlap runner helped bring a little more rustic, earthy feel to the table setting.


And of course the bride loved her bouquet, and we loved her vintage dress!


We were so happy to work with this happy fun loving couple, and be trusted to be a part of  their Las Vegas Wedding!

Thanks again to the wonderful Ana Studios for sharing these great pictures with us 🙂


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