The Confusion of the Color Coral

When you work in this business you learn to get very specific when talking about colors and their many shades. This year a specific color has been gaining popularity and also causing some confusion, and that color is coral.

The confusion is about the color itself. What is coral? I have noticed in the last week alone that 2 separate brides stated that their wedding colors were coral and then they proceeded to pick out orange flowers. The week before I had a bride show me her favorite coral bouquet which consisted of orange and pink flowers and not a single speck of coral.

Even Wikipedia doesn’t seem very accurate, or at least the color shown on my monitor does not reflect what we florists would consider a true coral shade. I wanted to write this quick post for all of those brides to be that want to include this lovely shade in their upcoming wedding.

So to clarify, coral is not pink or orange it is actually a blend of the two shades, it’s a pinkish orange. Pantone is always the most reliable source to determine what is what as far as color’s go.

pantone coral

Here are some images of coral flowers that I would suggest incorporating::

Enchanted Florist Coral Dahlia
Coral Dahlia
Big Fun Coral Pink Rose
coral peonie
Coral Peony
coral vanda orchids
Coral Vanda Orchids

…compared to hot pink and orange:

Orange Ranunculus
Hot Pink Gerber Daisy

You can use a combination of the pink and orange to sort of trick the eye into seeing coral, but personally I think it helps to include at least one true coral flower in the mix.When using this shade in a wedding or event, it’s best not to expect a perfect match of your coral bouquets and floral arrangements to a bridesmaids dress or table linen. Coral is one of those odd in between colors, that is best used in shades and different layers and tones to achieve. In the end all colors and flowers are beautiful!

Check out our Coral Wedding Pinterest board for more inspiration 🙂


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