The origins of wedding flowers

I cannot believe August is almost here!  This summer is just flying by. The fairies are busy with dozens of weddings per week. Even though the summers are hot here in Las Vegas we have no shortage of indoor and outdoor weddings.

Flowers have become such a huge part of weddings around the world, which got me to thinking, “How did this all start?”

Here are a few interesting facts about the origins of flowers at weddings:

This custom started off more as a spiritual tradition. In ancient times, brides used to carry a bundle of strong smelling herbs and spices (like garlic, basil, and rosemary) to ward off evil spirits.

In the early days of Rome, both bride and groom would wear garlands as a symbol of love and happiness. These garlands were adorned with mostly garlic, so no bad spirits would follow them into their new union.

In ancient Greece, the bride would wear a crown made from plants and flowers. This was considered a gift from nature.

In one tradition, a ‘kissing knot’ made out of roses and rosemary is hung above the bride and groom at their reception table. This ‘kissing knot’ is made to bring good luck to the couple, as well as everyone sitting with them at their table.

The use of herbs and spices has lost touch in the world of modern day weddings. Today flowers are used more for decorative purposes than spiritual. I, personally, love the idea of the use of herbs, and I’m crossing my fingers that it becomes a trend again in the future. 

Either which way, everyone loves flowers at a wedding!


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