Wedding Tips from a world famous Pro!

Let me tell you, some brides-to-be are really on top of their game. They show up to consultations with pictures, color palette examples, and carefully thought out notes.  Some even bring in printouts of their Pinterest boards!  They know exactly what they are looking for.

For others, the planning process can be stressful and difficult. I hear you!  Planning your wedding is a big deal, and with so many options out there it can be hard to narrow down your exact taste.

There is a very helpful article filled with insightful tips from Rock ‘N’ Roll Florist via  Jeff Leatham really knows what he’s talking about!

#1 When working with your florist, close your eyes and describe the wedding of your dreams. 

Tell us exactly what you want!  Don’t hold back! Our job is to make your dreams come true.

#2 Dare to use color.

A lot of brides go for the soft-palette/white/neutral wedding florals.  Mix it up!  Add a splash of color or two! Be bold.

#3 Don’t choose a bouquet that overshadows your wedding dress.

It’s your day. When you’re walking down the aisle you want you and your gorgeous dress to shine, not some overbearing bouquet! Choose a more understated bouquet, and go all out with some of the other florals.

#4 Stick to just three flower types. -(this doesn’t apply to all trends, ex. wildflower, rustic bouquets)

I know this one is difficult. There are so many options out there!  Stick to three to keep the pieces timeless, and not too busy.

#5 Incorporate a flower of the season.

Try finding one bloom that’s in season. This will help you save a few bucks, and showcase the season!

#6 Surprise guests with different color palettes for each portion of the event.

I really like this idea! Why not?! This way, you don’t have to stick to just one color palette. Ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party….think of all the possibilities!  Perfect for those indecisive brides!

#7 If you’re decorating 10 tables or more, use at least two different centerpiece styles. (This one is a biggie!)

Even if the pieces are breathtaking, in a big room like that it can get a little boring. Make the room interesting!

#8 Candles add sexiness to any reception table.

Make sure your venue permits open flames first!

#9 Pop the heads off inexpensive roses and float them in water to create drama on a dime. 

Easy and efficient.

Check out the full article at:


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