Our favorite spring flowers


As florists we have access to most flowers year round, but there is still a palpable excitement when spring arrives. The new spring season brings with it an opportunity to play with more vibrant colors and a select few flowers that are available in abundance during the warmer months. I did a quick poll at our shop and asked our design team what they most look forward to working with in the coming months. Here are there top answers:

Parrot Tulips- this gorgeous breed of tulip is actually the result of a mutation and has a very distinctive look. They are usually larger than a regular tulip and their petals are feathered, curled, twisted or waved.

parrot t purple parrot orange-parrot-tulip-1 parrot

Daffodils- It feels like everywhere you look you can see bright yellow daffodils, but not many people know that they come in a few other colors like white, pale pink centered and even lilac. To see more images go to Better Homes & Gardens, where they highlighted the top 17 daffodil varieties.

daffodils daffodil

Hyacinth- There are around 30 different kinds of flowers that fall into the “hyacinth” family. They are all highly fragrant and can be found growing through out the world.

muscari_armeniacum Pink-Hyacinths-pink-color

Boronia- my absolute favorite flower of the year. It’s actually considered a fill flower but I love it so much that I’ve made them the feature in centerpieces and bouquets. The smell is so strong and sweet it reminds me of iced tea on a hot summer day. These hot pink bell shaped flowers are from Australia and have been known to be difficult to cultivate in most climates.


Blooming branches- Forsythia, cherry blossom and many fruit tree branches. Early march brings to life young buds on many blooming branches, but it will still be weeks before any flowers appear. There is a way to force the branches to bloom by cutting slices in the branch and keeping the ends submerged in cold water in a dark room for a few days. After which you’ll have gorgeous blooms in no time.

dogwood ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Japanese_Cherry_Blossom_wallpapers


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