Valentines Day

The biggest day of the year for every florist is fast approaching. Valentines day can actually make up 40% of a florists’ annual revenue in a 1 to 3 day period. At Enchanted Florist we have even spent the night before V-Day sleeping in the shop on couches and various counters and surfaces. It just doesn’t make any sense to drive home at midnight only to return to the store at 5am. I remember my first valentines day as head designer I was making dozen red rose arrangements 2 at a time. Thank goodness I’m ambidextrous.

The stats for this love filled holiday show that 61% of consumers purchase red roses and the majority of those designs are basic dozen rose bouquets. As a florist that has had my fill of basic and boring bouquets, I say embrace the fun and funky and mix it up this year. Adding other colors and flowers can really impact the design. My favorite flowers to use along side red roses for this holiday are Schwartz callas, gloriosa lilies and Oncidium orchids.

eggplant calla
Schwartz Calla
Gloriosa Lily
Oncidium orchid

 The second most popular color ordered this time of year is of course pink. Don’t be afraid to ask the designer for some contrast in the arrangement like red bull orchids or green hypericum.

Redbull orchid
Green Hypericum Berries_

         If you want to stick with the traditional colors allow your florist the freedom to be creative and make the arrangement stand out. What most people don’t know is that any flowers in red, pink or white are almost triple the cost so being different and thinking outside the expected Valentines traditions could save you money. Here’s some examples of past Valentines day flowers that we loved creating in traditional colors and some bright funky designs.


EFI_Crazy kinda love
Red roses with white hydrangea and white stargazer lilies. We love adding wire accents for a little funky flair.
EFI_Lusty Cymbidium
White hydrangea in a tall cylinder accented with pale pink cymbidium orchids, white calla lilies and pink roses above submerged pink cymbidiums.
EFI_Exotic Romance
Tall burgundy vase with pink hydrangea, red roses, yellow forsythia branches, orchids and pink tulips.
EFI_In the pink
We love the idea of a short design instead of traditional long stem roses. Here we placed a dozen pale pink roses I a low cylinder with stargazer lilies and branches.
EFI_Tropical Love
This one has a tropical twist! White antherium, white dendrobium orchids, protea , pink roses and plenty of tropical foliage all on top of a cylinder filled with submerged orchids.
EFI_Purple Crush
A funky design of white lilies with purple tulips and mauve gerber daisies.
EFI_Funky Love
There’s no words for this twist on Valentines. We used lotus pods, hydrangea, roses, and protea surrounded by twisting grass, horsetail and dianthus.

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