Pantone’s Color of the Year-Marsala

I can not tell you how excited I am to play with this color! It is simply gorgeous. For those of you that don’t know, Pantone release a handful of colors each year that they predict as being the most popular. You will see these colors in home decor, fashion, weddings, etc. Basically anything and everything that involves color.

This years top color is Marsala. It’s a beautiful faded red with subtle undertones of pink, but you’ll see different more saturated deeper variations of the color used too. When I told my friend and fellow floral designer what this years color was, she was so happy to finally have a color that we could work with. In recent years we had been limited in our choice of flowers that came in the shades Pantone had chosen as their ‘Top 10’.

I recently read an article about the reaction to this years color from the interior design and home décor industry. Apparently they are not too happy with Pantone’s selection. They claim that Marsala is a dated mauve that will work well in the fashion and cosmetic industries but is difficult to incorporate into a modern room.

Well, I for one love it! It will work beautifully in a wedding color palette whether it’s featured in a bouquet or used as table linens and draped fabric.

Keep an eye out for it, it’s sure to be everywhere soon!


8ba559bcbc2dfd4aea86cd1eb009a5fc dda13cfe84229c4f3661435693b4f0cf

c9529bda183d53b6be15896267db38d3 dda13cfe84229c4f3661435693b4f0cf   Marsala dress

2015-marsala-wedding-bouquet-spring-wedding-color-idea marsala-wedding-ideas-2-500x676 MarsalaWeddingInspiration


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