Holiday Designs from Enchanted Florist


I can not express enough how much I love creating floral designs during this time of year. The winter and holidays offer so much inspiration and freedom to express our creativity as floral designers.
Through out the rest of the year I’m not a big glitter and sparkle fan in my designs-nothing against it, just not my thing. But this time of year…BRING ON THE BLING! Here are some of my favorite Holiday and Winter designs created by our Enchanted Fairies.

EFI_Bowl of joy
EFI_Bowl of joy, doesn’t this just make you happy?!
EFI_Submerged Snowflake
EFI_Submerged Snowflake-named for its dangling metal snowflake submerged in the vase. We added feathers and sparkle to make this less traditional design.
EFI_Blue Christmas
EFI_Blue Christmas, the wire snowflake accent makes definitely makes this one stand out among the rest.
EFI_Silver Bowl
EFI_Silver Bowl and Sparkle-simple and gorgeous.
EFI_Bells will Ring
EFI_Bells will Ring, named for the feature flower-Bells of Ireland, this arrangement is perfect all year round. What you can not see in this picture are the white and silver bells hidden throughout the design.
EFI_winter delight
EFI_Winter Delight, holiday greens surrounded by blue and white flowers, adorned with silver and white ornaments and blue hanging gems.
EFI_Sassy Silver Bowl
EFI_Sassy Silver Bowl, did we have fun with these silver bowls! We loved them and they were so perfect for our holiday orders.
EFI_Lush Holiday
EFI_Lush Holiday, this pretty red basket was filled with hydrangea, mums, snapdragons and holiday accents.
Enchanted Holiday
EFI_Enchanted Holiday, this is possibly my favorite! This color combination was such a breath of fresh air in a sea of red and green designs.
EFI_Holiday Berry's
EFI_Holiday Berry’s- so simple and beautiful, using limited flowers but still making a statement.
EFI_Christmas wishes
EFI_Christmas Wishes- now this one is just fun!

If you like our designs, just imagine what we can do for a special event! Check out our portfolio site at or visit our shop site at


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