Top 5 Yellow Bridal Bouquets

We had tons of bouquets to choose from in this color category, so picking our top 5 was no easy task. It seems that yellow is always a popular summer color because it’s so bright and cheery, but the popularity of yellow in weddings was thanks to Pantone. Each year they announce a handful of colors that we should expect to be popular in clothing, home décor and weddings and yellow was chosen as one of most popular colors. Below are our favorite bouquets that  we created incorporating the vibrant hue. Enjoy!

EFI_Billy Balls and Succulents
A beautiful combination of subdued colors with pops of vibrant yellow. Lambs ear and succulents add an original touch.


EFI_Sunflower Bridal
Basic fun sunflower bouquets compliment the black brides maid dresses.
EFI_Unmellow Yellow
Gorgeous green hydrangea filled with yellow calla lilies and crespedia. Dark red/green succulents add even more contrast.
yellow_EfI bridal
Love this crazy bouquet! All yellow orchids, lilies, freesia and craspedia with pops of lime green hypericum.
White and yellow roses with accents of craspedia and monkey tail.



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