Pale Pink Bridal Bouquets

Pink is always a popular wedding color, and we are more than happy to create some beautiful designs using this versatile hue. One of the great things about using pink in a wedding color scheme is the variety of flowers that come in the various shades from pale pink, hot pink, fuchsia to magenta.

The first one we love for it’s simplicity. Sometimes it’s best not to over complicate and in our case, over design.

EFI_Ballet Slippers
W call this one Ballet Slippers.

We loved pairing pale pink dahlias and calla lilies with gray brunia berries.

Gray and Pink
I adore this color combo! Gray is becoming a very popular accent color.

 Ombre was a huge trend in fashion and hair color, it is the gradual fading of one color into another or the subtle transition from light to dark.

Below we applied it to this gorgeous bouquet.

EFI_Ombre Pink
Ombre pink with butterfly embellishment.

This next bouquet is not for everyone, but we thought it was to-die-for! It was non-traditional and high drama filled with pink roses, tulips and wax flower with the star of the bouquet being king Protea.

EFI_King Protea Pink Bouquet
This bouquet is on the larger side which only enhances the drama of the Protea.

 And finally the pale pink pillowy creation below. What’s not to love!

Calla lilies, roses, cymbidium orchids and peonies.

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