Autumn Weddings In Las Vegas

I just finished completing a bridal quote for a couple that will be saying their vows this October, and I realized how excited I was when I finally got all of my ideas down on paper. The next few months will bring my favorite time of year-Fall! On the Enchanted Florist front, dozens of weddings have been planned for the coming months, and I am so excited to see them come to life. Fall in Vegas provides the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. Las Vegas has its share of intensely hot summer days and some brisk winter nights, but autumn is the perfect season in Sin City. Your guests will appreciate the cool breeze and the atmosphere created by the setting sun. This year there has been a huge demand for rustic décor which perfectly complements the look of an autumn wedding. There are so many different ways to incorporate the bright warm hues of the season. Texture abounds in Fall, so be bold and incorporate whatever catches your fancy.

Check out some of my favorite décor details:

LEAVES & BRANCHES – Maple leaves, and willow can be added to traditional floral arrangements. Cover the table linens in maple leaves. Recently I’ve seen some gorgeous arrangements using branches of apple trees with the tiny unripe fruit still on them. Have your flower girl use dried leaves instead of rose petals.
gold leaf leavesbranch_fall

DRIED COMPONENTS – Pomegranates, lotus pods, pine cones and millet add visual appeal to bouquets and centerpieces alike.


GORDS & PUMPKINS – Add some tiny one’s to your welcome table, or as place holders. Use the larger versions hollowed out as vases for your centerpieces.

fallnamecardpumpkin2Fall Centerpiece

BERRIES – Display a nesting of Squash, nuts and berries around the cake table. Add berries to boutonnières, corsages, and bouquets.

MASON JARS – They are huge right now. You can use them in place of vases or candle holders in centerpieces or table scapes. Fill with flowers and loop wire or twine around the lip to dangle from trees or the ceremony arch. They can also be painted any color to match your décor or rapped in ribbon or lace.

masonjar_leaf colored_masonjars

BURLAP & STRAW – These are very rustic details but simple additions of these elements to a fall wedding go a long way, a burlap tied bridal bouquet, or submerged straw in a centerpiece vase. Be creative!

 burlap pillow

And don’t forget the flowers; Orange is a popular autumn color, but don’t forget about the amazing shades that will help tie everything together- burgundy dahlias, chocolate cosmos, Charlie brown cymbidium orchids, lush black baccara roses, mango mini callas and the intense yellow of an Oncidium orchid.

Check out our Fall Wedding Pinterest board filled with the looks we love


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